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Shell Gadus S3 T100-2 18 KG (1 Pail)

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Shell Stamina Grease RL-2

Reliable Protection

Multi-purpose Applications



Shell Gadus S3 T100-2

Premium Multipurpose Grease

Shell Gadus S3 T100 Greases are high technology greases designed to give optimum performance for grease lubrication in industrial bearings. They are based on mineral oil with a special diurea thickener to give long life, low wear and shear-stable properties at high temperatures. In high temperature applications Shell Gadus S3 T100 Greases will outperform even fully synthetic (PAO) lithium complex greases proposed in the market.

Performance, Features & Benefits

  1. Outstanding life at high temperatures.
  2. Excellent wear protection.
  3. Excellent mechanical stability at high temperatures.
  4. Excellent oxidation resistance.
  5. Good protection against false brinnelling.
  6. Low oil separation.
  7. Excellent corrosion resistance. Provides protection from the elements of corrosion.
  8. Versatile.
  9. Water resistant. Withstands washing with water, preventing loss of protection.
  10. Lead and nitrite free. For safe handling.
  11. High temperature performance. The diurea thickener used in Shell Gadus S3 T100 greases have a high melting point and the grease performance is limited only by the properties of the base oil and additive components.
  12. Corrosion protection. When a bearing is running, most high quality greases can maintain an adequate lubricating film even when the grease is loaded with water. However when the grease bearing is idle corrosion may occur causing pitting which can be destructive. Shell Gadus S3 T100 greases are formulated with corrosion inhibitors to help protect bearing surfaces even when the grease is contaminated with water.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Click  in below link :

TDS Shell Gadus S3 T100-2

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Click in below link :

MSDS Shell Gadus S3 T100-2


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